Douglas McCulloch

Meanwhile, a seemingly unrelated chain of events conspires to make music...
I love music that is disconnected from everything. I love music that is connected to everything. I love music that is raw and emotional and organic. I love music that is abstract, intellectual, questioning. I love music that is ugly. I love music that is beautiful. I love the weird songs my daughter makes up about her pet rat.

My influences draw on the "great" composers of contemporary art music (that is, "great" in my opinion), following the tradition of Western "classical" music (ugh, Western civilization's concert music essentially committed suicide the moment it allowed the term "classical" to be glossed over it - no wonder so many orchestras are failing).

My influences also draw on Japanese gagaku, Ewe polyrhythms, Korean a'ak and sinawi and p'ansori, Balinese gamelan, Javanese gamelan, with just a smidgeon of rock.

I believe music is lent validity through its ability to convey the composer's voice and ideas, along with its infiltration of the listener's thoughts and emotions. Maybe "infiltration" is too strong a word. But who cares? Music's about communication - especially when words don't quite cut it.

Hope you enjoy what I have to say.


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21 May 2011, News

Musical review for "Thus"

"Thus", for solo flute, received both its premier and first musical review in Boston last night, May 19th, 2011.  Check out the article here: